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Swedish Postureā„¢ Trainer is a unique combination of training gadget and an accessory for correct posture while exercising. Using Posture Trainer increases your blood circulation and strength. To exercise with Posture Trainer is a simple way to add movement into your everyday life. It can also be worn after training to stretch the chest.

Wear it maximum 20 minutes at the time while training to ensure the correct posture but use it for functional training exercises as often as possible.



For Men

XS EUR 32-34, US 0-2, UK 4-6
S-M EUR 36-38, US 4-8, UK 8-12
M-L EUR 40-42, US 8-12, UK 12-16
L-XL EUR 44-46, US 12-18, UK 16-22

For Women

XS EUR 42-44, US 30-32, UK 30-32
S-M EUR 46-48, US 34-38, UK 34-38
M-L EUR 48-52, US 38-42, UK 38-42
L-XL EUR 54-58, US 44-48, UK 44,48

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