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Car Charger - Pilot 24 PLUS

Medistromâ„¢ Car Charger for Pilot 24 PLUS

Traveling to places where the main grid power is not available? No Problem! You can charge your Pilot-24 CPAP Battery from your vehicle's 12V cigarette lighter receptacle!

Easy to use: plug one end of the Medistromâ„¢ Car Charger into the car cigarette lighter socket, and the other end into the DC converter block. Then connect the DC converter block to your Pilot 24 "CHARGE" port using the Pilot 24 Airsense 10 DC output cable (included with your Medistromâ„¢ Pilot-24 Plus CPAP Backup Power Supply). The battery will charge in 3-4 hours (charge times may vary).


Output voltage: 24V
Dimensions (l x w x h): 5" x 4" x 1"
Weight: 0.5 lb

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