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Co-Pilot 12

Medistromâ„¢ Co-Pilot 12 Add-on unit for Pilot 12 PLUS

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CO-PILOT 12 Add-on Unit is a cost-effective solution that doubles the capacity of your Pilot-12 PLUS CPAP Battery/Backup Power Supply. The Co-PILOT connects to the Pilot-12 PLUS using the short connection cable, and these two units are held in place together by plastic brackets. All needed accessories are included in the package.

CO-PILOT 12 is not functional as a stand-alone battery.

Medistromâ„¢ Co-Pilot 12 Features

• No prescription required

• Compatible with Pilot 12 PLUS to be used with Philips Respironics &
  DeViliss CPAP and most BiPAP machines.

• FAA Compliant




Capacity: 98Wh
Output voltage: 12V
Dimensions (l x w x h): 19cm x 12cm x 2cm
Weight: 1.8 lb
Charging Time: 3-4 hours
Warranty: 1 year from the date of purchase

More about the product

• Backup Use: Co-Pilot 12 Add-on Unit can be permanently connected with Pilot 12 PLUS CPAP Battery /Backup power supply and a PAP device. Once the mains power goes out, the PAP device will start running off the Pilot 12 PLUS CPAP Battery. However, if the PAP device is being used with a heated humidifier, the Pilot 12 PLUS CPAP Battery will only last 2-4 hours. With DUAL CONFIGURATION of Pilot-12 PLUS and Co-Pilot 12 Add-on Unit, the patient can rest assured that he or she will not be woken in the middle of the night due to extended power outages. The Co-Pilot will double up the amount of time that the PAP device will run on the battery.

• Portable Battery: When traveling with Pilot 12 PLUS CPAP Battery in DUAL CONFIGURATION with Co-Pilot 12 Add-on Unit, one can extend the amount of run time, allowing travel to remote places where the mains power is not available.

What's included

• Co-Pilot 12 Battery

• Connection cable

• Two plastic brackets



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